Aug 6, 2010

He loves me :)

My husband that is. He surprised me this morning....sent me a couple of texts with "clues" which led me out to the van...which led me to a big wrapped box...which led me to the diaper bag I posted about the other day that I love and wanted but couldn't justify buying! I was completely surprised and definitely wasn't expecting it at all! It of course totally made my day and I just love it! I love it even more in person and I even stuffed some diapers and wipes in there just for fun to see what it looks like packed :)

It's my early anniversary/birthday gift from him ♥ So exciting! Thank you so much baby for the surprise! I just love the bag and can't wait for our little boy/girl to get here and fill it with newborn diapers and burp cloths :)

Speaking of which, I did this fun little old wives tale game yesterday that is supposed to predict the gender of your baby. I've always thought it was so silly but did it for fun :) It amazingly worked and was right with all of my kids. I did them all multiple times and it was right each time. Well, it told me 3 times that it's a girl :)

I was telling Jer about it last night and how I totally have no idea what we're having! He said he was feeling boy because we already had a name but that this is the first time he isn't confident in the gender. The last two he was so confident and told me immediately what we were having and never wavered. This time we aren't sure :) I would love for Gracelyn to have a sister...but would love for Ethan to have a it will be exciting either way...and no, I don't want twins so don't even say it!!

I'm still going back and forth between finding out the gender or letting it be a surprise on the baby's birthday. Some days I think I want to find out and then other days I want it to be a surprise. Well, when ultrasound day comes we'll see how I feel :)

We are taking a short trip/vacation this weekend. We are heading up north to Manistee/Traverse City in the morning and spending the day/night there and will come home Sunday sometime. Should be a fun little getaway with the kids. My in-laws are going also and paying for our hotel room as an anniversary/birthday gift to us. Thank you guys so much!! We weren't expecting that. I guess today is full of fun surprises...perhaps this means I should let the gender be a surprise too? :)

I'm sure I'll have some cute pictures of the kids to share when we get back. Back to cleaning the house and getting all the laundry done and start packing the kids bags.

Enjoy the weekend and be blessed!

Momma Keri ♥

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Claire said...

I'm so glad that you're not sold on waiting to find out the gender ;) Because honestly, I'm praying you'll get so impatient that you'll find out on ultrasound day!!! Haha! Soooo cute that your hubby bought you that diaper bag! Now post a picture of you holding it! Have fun on your trip! My husband grew up in Germfask, MI which I think he's said is near Manistee? (not sure of spelling on either of those names) Oh and by the way, do you have a bump yet? Let's see it!