Jul 17, 2010

From Four to Five....

I'm sure the title tells it all but yes, we are pregnant with baby # 3! Ahhhh!

We found out early this week and had fun telling our friends and family these past couple days. I'm 4 weeks along and my due date from my online calculations is March 27th. Maybe the baby will be born on the 24th - my brother's birthday :)

I am excited and nervous all at the same time. Excited for one more miracle to add to our family but nervous about the big change....going from two to three! Two is a lot of work and can be tricky but three....well, it's going to be challenging to say the least! Challenging but wonderful!

We are excited though. Ethan and Gracelyn are such precious kids (even as they are BOTH going through their temper tantrum stage right now) and so we know this little one will be just as precious.

I've always said the first few years will be the hardest....when they are in diapers, not sleeping through the night, you know, dependent on you completely. I know each season has it's challenges with kids but I'm sure when the kids are a bit older we will be able to breathe a little easier, be able to eat at restaurants without anyone screaming...all of those things that are tricky with little ones.

Jeremy and I both feel it's a boy. We have a definite name picked out for a boy and a possible name for a girl. I am undecided if we will find out the gender. It would be so fun to let it be a surprise until he/she is born seeing as we already have one of each and we would be overjoyed with either....but knowing me and my need to plan I'm not quite sure I can wait!

Well, this will be the last baby for us so I'm gonna enjoy every minute of my pregnancy and this beautiful season in my life that God has blessed us with.

3 kids.....wow - a real adventure :)

Momma Keri and Little Peanut


Davis Fam said...

Keri, you're adorable in that pic! And your kids in the post below are soooo stinkin cute!!!! Congrats again! :)

Hannah said...

YES!! Congrats! So excited for you! And how fun that we can both enjoy this special time together. I was hoping to talk to you more on Sun. but saw that you were busy with the nursery kids. :) Hugs!

Claire said...

I'm still on like cloud 9 about your pregnancy! Sooo exciting!!!!! Killing me that you're going to wait to find out!!!!! But all the more fun to be checking your Facebook/BZ like CRAZY every 5 seconds when March comes around ;)