Jun 4, 2010

Life is Short....

My heart has been breaking for the past couple days for a girl I never met. Bridgette - 25 years old, beautiful, bubbly, full of smiles, loved God, and engaged to the love of her life. Just getting ready to start her life as a wife and I'm sure would become a mom someday too.

She suddenly died from a blood clot.

This has really hit home for me. I am only a few years older than her and wow - I couldn't be enjoying my life any more. I'm happily married to the love of my life and have 2 beautiful children. God has blessed me immensely.

So I think of Bridgette and somehow see myself in her and what she had to look forward to in the coming years. She knew Jesus so I am thankful to know that....she is definitely in a better place and probably wouldn't want to come back even if she could but the sadness and pain of those who loved her is overwhelming for me to just read about.

Here is a picture of Bridgette and her fiancee Nick. Please be praying for Nick - he is not doing well at all. As you can imagine. He is absolutely broken inside - in shock - numb - crying - just devastated. He probably thinks this is all a bad dream. But it's not. This is now his reality. His future bride to be who he has been with for many years - gone to be with Jesus.

And her parents....her poor parents. This one chokes me up even more.

Last year they lost their son. A tragic roofing accident.

Now their daughter unexpectantly. While they know Jesus I cannot imagine their pain. It really is unbearable for me to even try and grasp. I fast forward 20 years with my two angels...and to think of losing them both in 1 year....it's just unimaginable. I love them so much and they are only 2 and almost one. I can't imagine 25 years of laughter and memories with them. I feel sick to my stomach thinking about her parents and what they are going through right now. All I can think to say or ask is for people to pray. For people to pray that God will bring them peace in the midst of the worst storm ever. That their kids lives will somehow speak to many about their own lives and question what life is all about. That in the midst of such pain and sorrow for these parents that their will be joy because friends and family came to know Jesus through this.

Nick is my cousin's girlfriend's brother....that is the connection I have with Bridgette. While it's not much of one at all, I feel as I know her and miss her. From reading her facebook it is obvious that she was a special person and I must believe that her life being cut short here on earth will mean more lives in heaven because of the life she lived.

Today is her visitation and tomorrow is the funeral - please be praying for these families.

Bridgette - who is now Hangin' with her Savior....

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Hannah said...

Oh, how sad. I'll be praying for her family and Nick!