Jun 15, 2010

Blessed beyond measure...

I must start out by saying that God is so faithful! He knows our desires, wants and longings and as we learn to be content with what we have and trust Him completely in everything He likes to surprise us and spoil us!

About a year ago there were 2 things that I talked to the Lord about that I really desired as a mom. They were big things but I just gave them both to Him and trusted that He could and would take care of it. The first thing was a house. We were in an apartment and it was a beautiful place that I really enjoyed but we had loud people above us that would constantly wake up my babies and we had a heating problem that left us really cold in the winter months. I prayed that God would bring us a rental house in our budget with 3 bedrooms and we hoped to stay in Fenton. It seemed almost impossible to me as we looked for months and didn't find anything that fit what we were looking for. I knew God was big enough and I left it in His hands. It was only a couple short months and God totally blessed us beyond measure. He worked out all the details and here we are loving this house we are renting from our friends. It's a blessing for them and a blessing for us. Not only is it 3 bedrooms but it has a garage, a huge yard with swingset and we have amazing neighbors. Oh, and it's in Fenton...the timing was just beautiful. God surprised and spoiled us!

The other thing that I had been praying about was a minivan. I've desired one since Ethan was born but I knew it wasn't a need - just a want. God showed me the importance of contentment. That Godliness with contentment is great gain. (1 Tim. 6:6) We've had 1 car for the last 2.5 years and honestly it's been a lot easier than I thought it would be. Sure, it would be tough at times and we couldn't always do what we wanted but it was ok and I was content. We bought that car in cash and wanted to live a different lifestyle with our finances. A lifestyle that we felt God would be honored by...living IN our means, not above them. So, we bought my aunt's 10 year old car that had 177k miles on it and I was so happy. Happy to have paid for it with money we had....it's so freeing!

Fast forward to now...well, we've been saving up for a minivan. I've been searching for months and doing reviews and checking out different makes but ultimately I prayed that God would bring us the perfect minivan for us and that it would bless us in years to come. I'm beyond excited to share a picture of my new ride....a beautiful burgundy 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette! We got a great price on it through a small family owned dealership and it's more than we expected to have. It has low miles for the year and it's even leather....which we totally didn't expect to have. Again, God surprised and spoiled us! We will have it paid off by the end of summer! So excited about that!

I feel so blessed. God is so faithful. He cares about the details of our lives...no matter what they may be. Trust Him with everything and He will surprise and spoil you in His time...I promise!

One Blessed Momma,

Ps. I must add that our most loved 1998 Oldsmobile now has 224k miles on it and is still kickin'! Oldsmobile has been good to us and I believe our van will be another great vehicle for our family!

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Anonymous said...

I have to soooooo say AMEN...a big Amen TO ALL you shared about the Lord and his surprises. He surprises me all the time in my personal life...just to encourage me..to continue to trust him...and love him above all else.

Im so excited for your new van..its beautiful and it just is another example of what God can do as you wait on him..and pass our tests...the test you had was just to be content...to live with one car..and yes..maybe you could have continued for awhile with the one car..but GOD saw your heart..and was so pleased with your contentment and trust..he wanted to provide you with a blessing..a surprise...to show his awesome love again to you. He surely is a great God who cares..like you said...of the details..sometimes the smallest things in our lives...because he just so wants us to lean on him..and love him/trust him...hallejuah! We are so blessed to be HIS!!! Thank you Lord!