Mar 14, 2010

Silly Sickness Sunday

Jeremy has been sick with a cold/sore throat the past 4-5 days (boo!) and we think he passed it on to our little man. Ethan woke up this morning with a fever and runny nose, no fun! So far Gracelyn seems fine and no fever so hopefully us girls can stay healthy. We've all been pretty healthy this winter though so I'm thankful - and I'm excited Spring is right around the corner.

On a silly note, remember when Ethan used to scrunch his face when he was about 8 months old? Miss Gracelyn started doing the same thing today - cracks me up! I captured a few pictures of her doing it and she looks so funny! Here are both of their scrunchy faces! Enjoy :)


~jen~ said...

LOL!!!! That is sooo awesome! LOVE it! Your kids are so much fun and just as cute to boot!

The West's said...

It is crazy how much they look alike! They're so adorable!