Feb 22, 2010

Go Getter Gracelyn!

This little girl of ours - I tell ya what! Some friends stopped by for a little bit on Saturday night and Gracelyn took 2 steps when neither Jeremy or I were watching - of course! Later that night I tried with her again and sure enough she took two steps. I am wondering how this is possible? I mean, she is my little baby and is already trying to walk at times. 8 months, 11 days old and taking steps - crazy! I'm pretty sure Ethan inspires her - she wants to keep up with big brother!

Her main transportation is still crawling but she loves to walk alongside the couch, stand (she can for about 8-10 seconds) and now take a couple steps here and there. She's definitely a go getter and growing too fast for my liking :)

The kids are great. Ethan has been snuggly lately with us and we are soaking it in! He loves to sit on daddy's lap at night and play with his arm hairs - it's the cutest thing and makes me want arm hair :) Gracelyn is cutting her two bottom teeth which doesn't seem to bother her too much. She's been a little fussy at times but rarely complains about it - teething seemed a lot harder on Ethan. Funny how different kids are! Gracelyn also doesn't seem to have a problem with gagging on food like Ethan did. She has been eating real peas, pieces of chicken cut up really tiny, mashed banana, ground beef - the girl loves to eat!

Ethan had his 2 year check up with the doctor on Friday. He is still tall (90% tile) and in the 50% tile for weight so he's growing healthy and strong, thank you Jesus! He is not a fan of the doctor's office. In fact, he seems to get more upset there then he does when we go to get shots at the health department. I think it's because it's a little room and he is 2 and wants to run and play and not be confined. He's always been very cautious though and doesn't like when the doctor listens to his breathing and looks in his ears. Too funny.

Ethan is a little behind in the talking department (which we already knew) so the doctor suggested seeing a neurologist either now or in 3 months if he's still not talking more but Jeremy and I both don't think this will be necessary. Ethan is a very smart kid, he hears well, he understands very well....he simply is taking a little longer to communicate to us. He tries and has been saying more words to us lately but just isn't saying the "normal" amount for a typical 2 year old. I know there is nothing wrong with him - he will catch up with the talking thing in no time, I feel confident in that. If he's 3 and not talking more than I of course would look into seeing a doctor but I strongly feel he's just a little behind in that area and will catch up soon - he's a smart cookie. I didn't want the doctor to think I was in denial or one of those parents that thinks their child is perfect because that is not me. I've known he is a slower talker but seeing as everything else is spot on with him and he understands well and knows how to operate the tv and dvd player all on his own I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with his brain. I knew the doctor would bring it up though - would just be nice if they didn't expect every 2 year old to be "the norm" because kids develop differently. I just posted about this last week ("Why Rush Things") and have read many articles that late talkers are very common. I tried to not let it bother me but it does bother me a little when you can easily tell that Ethan does not need to see a brain doctor. I know the doctor is not around Ethan everyday but you don't have to be around him for long to see that he's a smart kid. I know he's a doctor and that is their "job" I just felt it was a little early to throw that out there. He did say everything else looks great and that he's growing well.

I have so many friends whose 2 year olds aren't talking much yet as well as I've watched a lot of toddlers in my daycare years who didn't talk much right at 2 either. So, it's not that strange to me and I know Ethan will be fine - he's just a late talker. If nothing has changed in 6 months I have no problem looking into speech therapy, etc. but I don't think he needs to see a brain doctor right now. We are going to give him more time. We continue to read to him and work on his words and he really tries communicating - he gets frustrated with us when we don't understand what he's trying to say. He's such a sweet boy.

Well, that's all for now! All is going well and I am enjoying life with my hubby and 2 amazing kids so much - God is so good to me!

Momma Keri


Anonymous said...

I was praying for you guys last week and had a picture of Ethan just opeing his mouth and starting to sing to God. So cool. You are right not to worry.

Davis Fam said...

Aww, your kids are so incredibly precious! I just love reading your blog, Keri. It always makes me smile. I agree that there is nothing to worry about with Ethan right now, since he's on track with everything else. Each kid is so different! He sure is a cutie though. I can't believe Gracelyn is walking!!! That's amazing! :)