Dec 19, 2009

We're Moving!

Jeremy and I are excited to share that we are moving! We have been praying that God would provide a 3 bedroom house to rent that's in our budget and He has brought the cutest place to us. It's our friend's house so it's really cool that we are able to help them out by renting their place and for them to know that we will take good care of it and in return they have blessed us with a cheaper rent due to us being friends.

I have always loved old homes, they are full of charm, character and are so unique. The house was built in 1890, it's 120 years old! Of course it has been beautifully updated and it's just gorgeous. The kitchen is my favorite part of the house, every time I am in it it makes me want to bake cookies! It has beautiful hardwood floors throughout, 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, beautifully painted, 2 fireplaces, 2 car garage, a deck, a large backyard with fence and more space for us. It's in a downtown so we can take stroller walks with the kids in the summer, so fun! We will be moving in the next couple weeks and we can't wait! (Ok, except for the actual moving part!)

We are unsure how long we will be here but for at least a year and we'll see from there. Here are a few pictures of our new home, eeeek! :)

The cute blue house

The Family Room

The Kitchen where I will be baking lots of cookies

Ethan's cute blue room!

Gracelyn's adorable lime green room (mom's favorite color)


~jen~ said...

It's *beautiful* Keri!!! I bet you are just soooo excited! Heck, I'm giddy with excitement FOR you!! LOOOVE the rooms...that's just awesome (especially that lime green...that's what I want to do with Dom's room but just a smidgeon darker). ANd that sure does evoke feelings of cookie-baking! Yumm!
P.S. All your pics turned out so cute! Thank you for the card, very cute!!!

Dawn Blay-Smith said...

I know someone who used to live in a home that looks like this.. How awesome for you guys.. I am so excited....

~The Harrison Family~ said...

Thanks Jen, I think it's so beautiful too! And you are more than welcome for the card, thanks for the compliments:)

Dawn, you do huh? I never know whose been to their house and who hasn't. Ha. Thanks:)

Jessa said...

Yay, it's so cute!!! I wish I lived closer, I would come bake cookies with you. Our kitchen is in pieces at the moment due to renovations. Congrats and good luck with the move!

Tori said...

Wow Keri! That house is absolutely gorgeous! I love the huge window in the kitchen. Hope your move went well and you are settling in nicely. I'm so happy for you guys!