Oct 26, 2009

Somebody loves Sweet Potatoes!

I thought since Gracelyn has been eating Rice & Apples (baby applesauce) the past week or so I would try some sweet potatoes. She loved them and devoured the entire jar! This girl can eat...she kept grabbing my hand and putting the spoon in her mouth as if I wasn't feeding her fast enough, haha...silly peanut.

She loves to talk. She has always been a talker since the day we brought her home but man she is so loud talking sometimes Jeremy and I just can't believe it. In fact, she was just in her exersaucer having a grand ole' time talking away and woke her brother up from his nap. That's ok, it was about time for him to wake up anyways.

Here's a few pics of Gracelyn eating her sweet potatoes....I can't believe she's mine, she's SO beautiful!!

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