Oct 22, 2009

My babies:)

I am just so in love with these kids of mine! Ethan is growing up so much and always copying everything Jeremy and I do, it's so adorable. Gracelyn is just a sweet thing and always has the biggest smiles for me in the mornings when I go to get her. I love them to pieces and love being a mom!

Here are some adorable pictures I took of them yesterday. The last one is my favorite. Ethan's face is so precious in it. He really loves his sister, it's so cute to watch.

Ethan kissing Gracelyn

The kids sitting on the couch in their jammies watching Imagination Movers

Ethan being his sweet self and lovin' on his little sister

They are starting to get better but are still sick. Ethan's nose has finally stopped running but he still has a cough. Gracelyn's nose is still running a little and she's still stuffed up at night. I can't believe how long this cold/cough has dragged on, almost a month! They are both in good spirits and I'm having lots of fun with them.

Ethan and I sing and dance to "Oh Happy Day" at least once a day...we've been putting worship music on everyday, he just loves music! After we chose his name when I was pregnant with him we read Psalm 89 (A psalm of Ethan the Ezrahite) and I loved the first two verses and got them painted on his Noah's Ark painting. They say, "I will sing of the Lord's unfailing love forever! Young and old will hear of your faithfulness. Your unfailing love will last forever. Your faithfulness is as enduring as the heavens." I always wondered before he was even born if he would be musical or like music (both his parents love it!) and so it's kinda neat that he does. It's too early to say if he will be musical at all but he definitely loves listening to music and dancing.

Gracelyn tried baby food (apples) for the first time this past week. She wasn't so sure what to think of it at first but she got used to the sweetness a little more and seemed to eat some of it. She is the most beautiful little girl and I just love cuddling with her. She is still very attached to me and doesn't like it when I'm out of sight for more than 10 minutes, ha! Makes life a little hard for daddy at times but I usually take her with me wherever I go. Anyhow, she's so sweet and I thank God for giving me the little girl I always dreamed about. Here's some pics of her tasting her first apples :)

On a mommy note, I lost another 2 lbs:) I have now lost 12.5 lbs and I have just 5.5 lbs left to go to hit my goal! I am hoping to get there by Christmas. With Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up it may take a little longer:) Once I hit my goal that will be the weight I was before I was pregnant with Ethan so that will be really exciting for me. I'm quite proud of myself:)

Well, Ethan is ready for his nap so I gotta get going. Hope you enjoyed the pictures of our two blessings.

Momma Keri


Anonymous said...

Such a blessing!

Jessa said...

Keri - I love reading your updates. Ethan & Gracelyn are both so precious! I'm glad they're starting to feel better. :)

~The Harrison Family~ said...

Thanks so much Jessa, I enjoy reading yours also:) I am just in love with these little ones of mine, are you sure you just want one? :) Thanks, I'm glad too!