Oct 9, 2009

My Beautiful Little Princess

Our sweet baby girl is 4 months old today! Can you believe it? I cannot believe she has been here that long already, wow, time is going by too fast for me lately. I have mixed feelings about my babies growing up but am blessed that they are growing up healthy and happy!

Gracelyn is doing great. She's still getting over her cold so she wasn't sleeping real great the past week but last night was better and she only woke up once to nurse so that's good. I can handle one nursing in the night, she goes right back to bed afterwards. So much different than her big brother was at this age, he was an eating machine!

She is a pretty happy and smiley baby...she does seem to be really attached to me so that makes it hard for daddy at times when mommy has to go grocery shopping, etc. I went last night and Jer said she cried the whole time. The minute I got home and took her from him she immediately stopped crying. Crazy. I am a stay at home mom and she's mainly only nursing so I am her security and food source so I'm sure that has something to do with it.

She goes next week for her 4 month check up and also has a follow up appt. with the skin doctor for that spot on the back of her head. I will be sure and post her stats after the appt.

Until then, let's go down memory lane:)

Ethan's going to be a big brother!

It's a GIRL!!!

40 weeks and ready to pop! (She came 5 days later)

Just born! June 9, 2009

One Week New

6 weeks

Today ~ 4 months old

She is such a joy and blessing to our family. She loves watching her big brother and really loves all the kisses he freely gives her daily.


Momma Keri

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