Aug 11, 2009

My 1st Kroger shopping trip as a coupon girl....

was very successful! I got "The Flint Journal" this past Sunday to begin my coupon clipping as well as looking at the ads for the grocery stores to see what was on sale this week. I have never done this before except for the coupons my sister always gives me and I can't believe it took me this long to realize how much money I have wasted on just running in the store and buying whatever. Sale or no sale. It doesn't mean I won't buy anything again that isn't on sale but it's silly to not take advantage of free money when possible.

So Ethan and I headed over to Kroger in GB (our old stomping grounds) and I had my paper, coupons and list in hand.

I got the following:

~ 2 bags of shredded cheese
~ 3 bags of sliced deli cheese
~ 1 bag of baby carrots
~ 2 boxes of cereal
~ 2 gallons of milk
~ 2 packages of cookies
~ 1 package of diapers
~ 3 boxes of kleenex

Normally it would have cost me $44.84 but just by looking in the Kroger ad this week to see what was on sale and using coupons for some of these items on top of that it only cost me $19.85! I saved $25.00! Is that awesome or what? If I would have only started doing this when I first got married (almost 6 years ago) I would probably have enough money (that I wasted on paying full price) to buy a minivan. Ugh.

I was most excited about getting a package of diapers for $3.50....what a deal!!

Time for bed....I'll probably dream about coupons tonight, lol.



~jen~ said...

Nice shop!
Mike went to Kroger in Hartland tonight since I still wasn't up to it...they don't double to $1 but that is okay. He got lots of Tyson chicken (using just the $1 off Q), 4 red bell peppers, 2 bags of carrots, 4 pkgs cheese (that's a really good buy this week, stock up!!!), 7 pkgs freeeee Bic pens, 2 gallons of milk, 2 Pillsbury pizza crusts, and something else I can't remember. Got 11 things of chicken...only spent $40 total!

If you would have bought two more boxes of cereal...the 2 gallons of milk would have been free. (since you paid for the milk at $1.50 would have gotten the cereal for like 50 cents a box or less).

Now, had I made the grip to Grand Blanc, I would have saved even more since they would have doubled those 11 $1/1 Tyson Qs...but I figured they were wiped out of the chicken anyway (and the Qs expired today).

Oh gosh, I sooo love to talk "shop"...I'm glad I have another coupon mom to share with!! LOL

~jen~ said...

P.S. ~ if you are able to get the Detroit News instead of any of the other papers, DO IT! The Detroit News (Free Press) always has the most and the best selection of'll find you are missing some of the Qs that are posted around the blogosphere if you just stick to the smaller papers.

~The Harrison Family~ said...

I did get the milk free silly girl! I got 2 boxes of cereal and 2 packages of keebler cookies (you could mix and match) so no worries, my milk was free woman! :) Oh, and I had a $1.00 off 2 packages of Keebler cookies which was really $2 at Kroger so I saved even more :)

This is fun! Ok, off to fb you...have some questions:)

~jen~ said...

Oh duuuuh! I didn't even "see" your cookies in the post. Awesome! Free milk RULES! Did you know you can freeze milk? Yeah, sounds a little funny to me too...but people do it! (Just empty a small portion out so if it expands when freezing it doesn't blow up in the freezer!)

Tori said...

If you haven't already, sign up at there are usually at least a few great ones there each time! And if you have a Target, you can go on their website and get Target coupons that you can use in conjunction with manufacturer coupons! :) (I'm a coupon fiend btw!)