Aug 11, 2009

It's Official....

I have become a coupon, freebie, giveaway addict! A couple of my friends and family members have been doing this for awhile now (mainly saving a ton of $ by looking at the store ads in the newspaper each week and using coupons, etc) and I am finally starting to get into it and understand how wonderful it is! You can get stuff for dirt cheap and sometimes even MAKE money if you know what you're doing. Unreal! I am finding a ton of awesome websites that tell you all sorts of tips, tricks, freebies, giveaways, printable coupons and more. It's so fun to save money and get free stuff! So, I have been a little consumed with this the past few days :)

You have to take advantage of this specific promotion I found. If you are NOT a Schwan's customer (the yellow truck that delivers ice cream as well as a TON of food items) this deal is for you! Go to this site, and choose ANY item that is $10 or less and the item is free and so is delivery! You don't have to spend a penny! They are offering this for the first 500,000 new customers. I'm thinking their hope is that you order your free item and like it and decide to order from them. I ordered the Angus Mini Cheeseburgers for $9.99 and my cost was $0 and they will be delivered on Thursday:) If you have any questions let me know :)

I already signed up for 20 freebies (free samples of coffee, snacks, paper towel and more!) and can't wait to start getting little packages in the mail. All for FREE!

If you get the Sunday paper and do not use coupons and I see you often please save your coupon inserts for me. Thanks:)

The coupon girl :)


~jen~ said...

LMBO!!! LOOOOOVE it! Another convert! :)

~The Harrison Family~ said...

Girl I am so into this now it's not even funny! There are too many sites I haven't even gone too yet! Ahhhhh!!! Ps. Totally craving Mickey D's and a nice big coke right now....thanks to you!