Aug 18, 2009


Jeremy and I took both kids to the doctor's this morning for Ethan's 18 month check up and Gracelyn's 2 month check up. Here are their stats:

Ethan: Weight - 25lbs (50% tile)
Length - 34.5 inches (90-95% tile)

Gracelyn: Weight - 11lbs. 10.5oz (50-75% tile)
Length - 23.75 inches (75-90% tile)

Gracelyn is 9 weeks so we are a little past her 2 month mark but she gained a little over 2 lbs since her 1 month visit and grew an inch or so.

Both kids are healthy and are hitting all the milestones they should be so I thank God for healthy babies! Gracelyn has had a little purple/pink mark on the back of her head since she was 3 weeks old. The doctor looked at it when she was 4 weeks and wasn't concerned and thought maybe it was just a scratch. It's still there though so I pointed it out to him again. He looked at it and said he's not sure what it is. He said he's not worried about it and it doesn't look scary or anything and doesn't think they will "do" anything about it but that he would like for a skin doctor to look at it just in case. So, she will go next week to have it checked.

Gracelyn goes back again at 4 months for her check up and Ethan's next check up is at 2 years. It's hard to believe our baby boy is on his way to becoming 2!

Oh I almost forgot...Gracelyn's head is growing just fine! I knew it would :)

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