Jun 2, 2009

She's due today...

I can't believe today is my due date! Wow, the time sure has flown by and we will be a family of four anytime now...so exciting. What a blessing it is to have had another great pregnancy with no major complications, thanks God!

Nothing too much going on....last night I woke up with a horrible charlie horse...it was awful and the one part of my leg feels bruised and just really sore. It lasted 5 minutes or so which is a very long and painful time for a charlie horse. It's very normal to get them during pregnancy...I did with Ethan and I did this time as well but last night's was horrible. Hoping I don't have any more of those!

Here's a picture of my baby bump at 40 weeks....we took it this morning. I never made it to this picture with Ethan.

We went for a little drive last night and stopped and got 2 vanilla cones from McDonald's (my newest craving) and we gave Ethan some of daddy's....which of course he LOVED as you can probably see from the pictures below :) He would just stick his whole face into the cone and say, "Mmmm." Of course mommy had to capture Ethan's first time eating part of an ice cream cone...now Grandma's, don't think this means you can start giving him ice cream ;)


~jen~ said...

Oh my gosh you are soooo tiny!!! How big are they estimating her to be? I can't believe how cute, small, and totally pregnant you are... :)

~The Harrison Family~ said...

Well thanks Jen! I was definitely bigger and swollen with Ethan...she seems smaller than Ethan to me...Ethan was 7lbs 3oz and last time I asked my midwife she said no more than 7 1/2 lbs...I will be surprised if she weighs more than 7lbs, we'll see!