Jun 9, 2009

It's Time!!!!

So it is June 9th and I am writing this at 3:50am.

I started to have contractions last night around 6pm....they felt like cramping (my description of contractions) but they weren't really close enough to time at that point and I was managing them fine. I called Jeanne at 9:30pm to just let her know what was going on and she suggested I try and get some rest and see if I could sleep through the contractions. She told me if they got worse and I was just getting more uncomfortable, etc. to call her back and then I can go in....but at that time she didn't think I needed to rush in.

Well, around midnight we finally decided to try and get some sleep....I fell asleep for about 40 minutes and then woke up to having contractions again...I quietly slipped out of the room as I didn't want to wake up Jeremy...I wanted to wait and see what happened, if they got closer together and let him sleep as long as possible. Around 2am they started to be more regular and get more intense and I started to track them online....after about 40 minutes I decided it was time to call my mom as I was starting to have them about 5-7 minutes apart, definitely getting more intense and I wanted her to be here so when we were ready to leave for the hospital I knew she was here and Ethan wasn't alone.

I woke Jer up at 3am and told him he better get in the shower if he wanted one because they were getting more intense and I had been having them regularly for the past hour. We are now both showered and getting ready to leave for the hospital. I am going to call Jeanne in a few minutes to let her know we are on our way. I have been trying to hold out as long as possible in case she is sleeping. She delivered a friend of mine's baby last night at 2am so I'm sure she's tired.

We will update you all as soon as we get the chance but it looks like sometime on June 9th we will have a baby girl! We are putting together a birth announcment video that we will post on the blog...that will reveal her name...so be looking out for it.

Thanks so much for everyone's texts and prayers the past few days. We have been eagerly awaiting her arrival and are really excited it is finally time! I'm praying and believing for a easier and faster delivery this time and no complications....God is so good and He's given me a lot of peace throughout my pregnancy and I know things will be fine.

Next time we post we will have a baby girl!!! Finally! :)

Love you all,
Jeremy, Keri, Ethan and.....Bertha for the very last time! ;)

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Rach said...

Can't wait to read your next post!! I am so excited to finally see your little girl.