Jun 8, 2009

Got Baby?

Well....I am 4 days overdue and still no baby! I totally thought she would be here by now....maybe since I went 4 days early with Ethan I will go 4 days late with this one and go in to labor this evening?

I really have not been having many contractions at all...never did with Ethan either. I've had some cramping/contractions/pain on and off this morning but nothing consistent or that bad. She is just on her own timetable, a due date means nothing to her :)

It looks like I will be making my midwife appt. tomorrow morning. It's at 9am. Jer is planning on staying home with Ethan while I go. Jeanne wants me to get a non stress test (standard at 41 weeks) and check up on baby...she will then strip my membranes (I just hate that term, it sounds awful!) and try and induce labor naturally. It's a very common procedure and may cause a little pain and discomfort from what I've heard/read but I guess there's a 60% chance women go into labor within 48 hours after. I've been praying that she would come before my appt...just because I don't want to have it done but I'm just trusting God with it and going with the flow.

I know Jeanne mentioned last week that she would do a 2nd non stress test on Friday if still no baby and then on Monday would talk about inducing me if still no baby. Hopefully this little girl comes soon but I thought she would be here over a week ago and she is still cookin!

I will be sure and update tomorrow after my appt....or if I go into labor before then.

It's gotta be close now...

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