Jun 15, 2009

Gracelyn's First Doctor's Appt.

Today was Gracelyn's first doctor's appointment.

Our little girl is doing well. She now weighs 7lbs, 10.5 oz so she is up past her birth weight which the doctor said is great for being just 6 days old. She is 21 inches long. We are pretty confident she didn't grow an inch and a half in the past 6 days so most likely she was closer to 20.5" at birth but since 19.5" is written on all her paperwork we'll just leave it at that. She may be tall like her brother :)

She is doing great though...doctor said she looks great and healthy and all is well.

Big brother Ethan is adjusting much better to his little sister...he is starting to take a liking to her and even gave her 2 kisses on the forehead today. He had a couple rough days but now seems to be just fine and back to more of his normal self.

Just wanted to post her stats real quick, hope everyone is well :)

The Four of Us

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