Dec 24, 2008

The Eve before Christmas

It's Christmas Eve and I couldn't be more excited! Going to Grandpa and Grandma's has always been one of my very favorite things about Christmas. We have been going there on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember and so there are many years full of memories and traditions in their house.

I was just thinking to myself how much I have to be thankful for this things to be thankful for that were not the same last year. Of course the first one being that Jeremy and I have a beautiful 10 month old son and also that we have another one on the way. I am also thankful that this year my mom is not in the hospital and that she will get to spend Christmas Eve with us. She was very sick last year. I am thankful my good friends Adam and Brooke have a home this Christmas. Not that they were homeless, lol but it took many months of prayer for their old home to sell and their new home to be official! I am thankful that I am pregnant with my girlfriend who lost a baby just months before. I am thankful that my grandparents and grandparents in law are still here this Christmas. I am thankful that Jeremy and I have moved on from the worst of the financial struggle we had ever been in and thankful God has always provided for us like I knew He always would. I am thankful for a little baby girl that is now here who had a small abdomen and that the doctors said they might have to deliver at 28 weeks. She was more than a week overdue! Ha! How do you like that devil?! My God is so big and so great and we have so much to thank Him for. I feel so grateful for everything He's given my family and friends this past year and just wanted to make a public announcement about it :)

Well, I am now 17 weeks along and we find out 2 weeks from today if it's a boy or girl! I am SO excited and know that whatever God has given us we will love and be so happy to love.

Our child out of the womb, Ethan....well he sure is the most adorable thing with 2 legs! He is really getting good at walking and he is so happy and laughs with us all the time. I'm so glad he is a happy baby. I have some really exciting news about Ethan....he is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! To make a long story short, he's been waking up multiple times in the night becauses he misses mommy and then I would have to lay down with him to get him back to was not a good cycle and was becoming very tiring. Saturday night we decided it was time to let him cry it out. He screamed for an hour and it was breaking out hearts so much but we felt peace about it. Finally. We've had 3 nights since then and he is doing great. He will still wake up once or twice but will cry for only 5-15 minutes and go back to sleep. This is HUGE and to us this is considered sleeping through. I am very excited and have been enjoying my sleep very much :)

My sissy and I had our annual Christmas cookie baking day on Sunday and that is always fun. We couldn't believe how easy and organized everything was going this year (something always seems to happen on this day) and low and behold my mom was on her way over and got in a car accident. Thankfully she is ok, just has a few bruises and pains but she could have gotten killed. Their car was totaled and if she would have gotten hit on the other side she most likely would have been spending Christmas Eve in the hospital two years in a row! So thanks God for protecting her!

Well, my little peanut just went down for a nap. That means shower for mom and laundry to fold. We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a year full of God's goodness in 2009!

The Harrison's

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