Dec 13, 2008

Ethan is growing up!

My little boy is going to be 10 months old tomorrow. I really cannot believe it. Where has the time gone? He has hit some big milestones the past couple days. He waves bye now, it might possibly be the cutest thing I have ever seen. We've been doing it with him for awhile and he finally caught on....we wave bye to daddy every morning as he goes to work and we also do it randomly during the day because we think it's so cute!

He also took a couple steps today! That's right, a couple steps! He wants to go so fast and I think it's because he is used to walking fast in his walker. We couldn't believe it...we walk with him a lot and then sometimes he stands for a few seconds and then today he took a few steps. I will laugh if he never crawls because we both thought he would skip crawling and go right to walking and I think he just might. He scoots all the time but he loves to stand and walk....he's always loved standing...even since he was real little.

Ethan has been sick the past couple days. Not sure with what exactly but a mixture of maybe a cold, teething...he had 102 fever for a day or so but today he has been pretty happy and seems to be feeling better praise God. Pray for Jeremy though if you think of it....he is feeling under the weather. We've just been laying around the house today vegging out.

I can't believe Christmas is only 12 days away! It sure is coming up fast this year. I am excited for's always so fun being with family and I am excited for Ethan's 1st Christmas.

Well, only 25 more days until we find out what we're having! Can't wait :)

The Harrison's

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