Jun 25, 2014

It's been 6 months....GULP!

Oh dear, my poor blog has been neglected for half a year. So sorry little blog of mine, but this momma is just so busy and it's hard to keep up!

I am trying to think of where to begin with updates. I mean, lots has happened in 6 months. I suppose we will start with talking about the boy who made us parents!

Ethan is getting close to 6.5 and wow, he is getting SO old. He is officially a kindergarten graduate and we couldn't be more proud of him. He absolutely thrived at his first year of school, and I couldn't be more thankful for such a fantastic first year. I was so nervous leading up to that moment....the day he started school. I dreaded the day for such a long time...because going from having your baby home with you everyday, all day to sending them off to school 8 hours a day, is NOT easy. I cried every time he got on the bus in the mornings, for weeks. One, because it was a piece of my heart leaving on a big ole' yellow bus with no seat belts (Gasp!) and two, I really wanted to drive him to school, but he was so geeked about being able to ride the bus, I had to let go of that a bit and let him. Within a couple months, he was so over the bus, and preferred for mom and dad to take him/pick him up :) Anyhow, he has grown up so much this year, it feels like we have a little adult living with us these days. He's such a sweet and sensitive boy and is such a fantastic biggest brother....he loves his siblings and is always attentive to their needs and wants to make them happy. He's still my baby who loves to snuggle up with me, and I LOVE that. He has lost 4-5 teeth now (I know I know, I'm horrible that I can't remember how many...but give a girl a break, there's a lot to remember these days;)) and he's just the sweetest thing! He has loved playing soccer, and is really good for his age...and will be playing for a different league this fall, and have a professional coach for the first time. He's so excited. Here's a couple pics of our Ethan Craig. Here's one of him at Safari Playground with all his 'school friends' at his 6th birthday party. Such a fun fun day, he was on cloud nine!
Here's one of him and his best buddy Jackson, who lives across the street from us.
Here's a few at his end of the school year picnic at school with some of his buddies, and his amazing teacher!

Then there's our pretty pretty princess...our one and only, Gracelyn Joy! Oh how I love her so. I tell her all the time how special and cool we are, because we are the only girls in our family! She giggles every time and thinks it's so cool. She has a love for her baby dolls, and has about 10 that she sleeps with every night. No joke. It's a bit out of control and you can imagine the panic that comes when one of her babies is missing...and mom and dad have to try and locate the missing child. Her very favorite is her baby Sally...which is so funny. I bought her Sally for Christmas...and she used to have beautiful long hair, but now has a very interesting hair cut due to her momma experimenting with hair and scissors for the first time a few weeks after she got her ;) It's ok, it actually makes Sally that much more special, now she's unique! :) Gracelyn just celebrated her 5th birthday, it's hard to believe. She is such a funny kid, constantly making us laugh, and she truly gets more beautiful as the days go on. I love that kid so much. She is a true joy, full of such beauty and grace! She graduated preschool just a few weeks ago, cap and gown included peeps! It was the real deal. She will be headed off to kindergarten this fall, and is excited about going to big brother Ethan's school. It will be so weird to have two in school all day, I'm gonna miss her so much, but think she will love it and make lots of little girlfriends. Here's some pics of our beauty. This was when she went to the apple orchard for a field trip for school, I loved having this time with just her...it was so precious.
Here's some recent photos I took of her just a couple weeks ago and then some from a few months back :)

Then there's our sweet Lincoln Jude, oh boy, he is quite possibly one of the cutest things on the planet. His face is edible and his voice is so cute it makes you giggle. He will be 3 in September and is talking so much these days, it's so fun watching him grow! He loves playing with his siblings, it's so fun to see him interact with them all and have a special bond with each of them. He still has a lot of issues with his skin, but it gets old talking about it so often, so we will just say we continue to pray he outgrows all of his allergies/sensitivities in the near future :) Here's some pics of our cutie!
Those photos are so precious to me of Linc and Hud, I just love them!! Here's a few more ;)

And then there's Hudson Wallis, this little boy just turned 18 months and my heart just adores him. He has the most gorgeous full lips you've ever seen. No really, he puts Angelina Jolie's to shame. They are my favorite thing about him. He is by far our earliest talker, I'm sure it helps having 3 older siblings! He says please and thank you and "There is is!!!"...he really is just so adorable. He has the best big smile you ever did see. He loves playing with his siblings and there's not much baby left about him :( I stopped nursing him about 3 months ago, so that was hard. I always enjoy that stage with my babies, its just memories of their sweet innocence. He's a joy, and even though he's a teething monster right now, he's my adorable, cute, silly teething monster that I love so so much! Here's some Hudson cuteness!

I know what you're thinking....how is it possible to have that much cuteness living in one household? But wait, there's more...
Hehe, can't forget about this good looking man who gave me my precious babies!

The Harrison crew is doing well....enjoying the first few weeks of summer break, so nice not having to set a alarm these days...I just depend on little human alarm clocks instead :)

I am doing well. Enjoying motherhood so much, and just became a blond for the first time in 8 years....a fun change for summer :) My photography business is going well, and I invested in turning a bedroom in our home into a studio this past December. Super exciting stuff, here's some pics! I must give a big shout out to my awesome dad who laid the flooring, and helped with other studio jobs too :)
Oh how I love my little studio!

Thanks for reading my long update on my fam, hopefully I didn't lose all of my readers! Ha!

Much Love,
Momma Keri

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