Sep 16, 2013


So, I almost forgot my login to my blog. Yup, it's been that long folks! Life with 4 is amazingly wonderful but oh so busy! Add cleaning, laundry, hubby time and photography in the mix and my blog continues to be last on my list of things to do. It's been on my mind for weeks to pop in and post an update so here we go!

Lots of changes have happened since my last post, the biggest being Ethan starting all day kindergarten! Gulp.

I'm thrilled to share that he is doing very well and loves school! It was super hard on me the first week, but it's getting a bit easier as I see him enjoying it and doing well. There have been no tears for him - which has made the whole process SO much easier on ME! I am so thankful he's going to such a wonderful school, in a great district. I have been so impressed with the school so far. So far Ethan has loved (and begged!) to ride the bus - so I've been learning to let go a little bit more and let him be who he is - a little boy full of adventure! Here are a few photos of his first day.

Love our planet box!

It is so weird at home during the weekdays without him. I still have the 3 little ones at home but it still seems empty and quiet!! Ethan is growing up so quickly it seems and I'm so thankful for a healthy growing kindergartener! He's the sweetest kid. His bus driver stopped to tell me the other day what a polite and sweet boy he is - it melted my heart!

Gracelyn is doing well and has also started preschool two days a week, for a few hours. She was SO excited to start school! She watched Ethan go to preschool last year and would cry wanting to go too - so it is finally her turn! She has done so well also and absolutely loves going to preschool. It's weird to think she will go to kindergarten next year full days too! E and Grae will just be 1 grade apart! Here are some photos from Gracelyn's first day of preschool:)

Is she not the most gorgeous little thing you've ever seen?? Her beauty continues to amaze me! She is just the sweetest little girl, I love being her mom and thank God often for giving me the opportunity to be her momma. She's so precious.

Lincoln is doing good! We just celebrated his 2nd birthday on the 7th and had his birthday party yesterday. It was so much fun and I even dressed him in clothes for the occasion :) I think it's the 3rd or 4th time he's even been in clothes - so he looked like such a little man to me - so so cute! I haven't had a chance to edit all the pics form his party but here's one from the party yesterday. Due to his food allergies, he wasn't able to have any of his cake or any ice cream but I bought him this allergen free lollipop. Pretty sure he was happy :)

Lincoln's eczema is doing much better since finding out about his food allergies. A lot of his flare ups were due to food, so now that we have that figured out and have changed his diet - his flare ups are much less. We are thankful. We went to a holistic doctor last month to talk to him about our Lincoln and hear what he had to say and so he suggested a few natural things for him to take each day to try and help 'heal his gut'. We are hopeful. He still itches a lot so he still wears footie jammies 24/7 for now. Once he's a bit older and understands to not itch, we'll start putting him in clothes. For now, he just ends up itching so much that he bleeds - so jammies it shall be! :)

Our sweet caboose, Hudson, just turned 9 months yesterday. WAAAAAAAAAAA! He is growing so quickly and I am enjoying every single moment with my baby. He's simply the cutest thing and full of smiles - he's a super happy baby, I just love him to pieces!! He's scooting everywhere and is very close to crawling. He has 4 teeth and more coming in. Here's a photo I snapped of him yesterday - I need to do some 9 month photos of him soon though.

Jeremy and I are well. In August we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. We went to a japanese steakhouse for dinner where Jeremy surprised me with THIS!

Isn't it gorgeous?! He picked it out and totally surprised me with a right hand ring - what a sweet man I have! I absolutely LOVE my ring! Here's a shot of me from our date night out together that evening:)

We took a wonderful family vacation with the kids, my siblings and my parents at the end of August to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was loads of fun and was so relaxing just hanging out on the beach and being together as a family. I haven't uploaded the pics from vacation yet but we actually had our family photos done on the beach with a photographer while down there. Here's a sneak peek of my sweet little family from the session.

I'm in love with the one of the kids lined up looking at the beach. Cutest photo ever!!

Well, what do ya know, little man Hudson is up crying from his nap so it looks like that's all for now! Glad I was able to sneak a blog update in - if I even have any readers left? HA!

Blessed to the max,

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