Dec 22, 2012

One week!

Our sweet Hudson Wallis is already one week old!! What?! I just delivered this little guy what seems like yesterday :) I am soaking up every minute with him, holding him and snuggling him lots, knowing this is most likely our last babe. Tear. Of course I thought Lincoln was our last, and then my hubby surprised me with wanting a 4th....but, he's probably our last so I'm cherishing every moment.

I still haven't had a chance to write out my birth story but I promise to do it soon as it's truly an amazing story. Every time I think about it I just smile and thank God for making it a completely different experience than all my other labor & deliveries....and for answering so many prayers in the last hours before he was born.

I went and got newborn photos done of Hudson on Thursday. I really wanted to get them done by this photographer/friend I met over the summer. I love her work, and I don't have a studio and lighting equipment, etc. so I thought it would be really fun to have them done.

A photographer in the area contacted me this past summer...liking my work and wanting to know if I was interested in doing a "trade". I would take her family photos and she would do mine. I was all for it!! I decided I wanted family photos done this spring though of the 6 of us, and didn't want to use our trade on the newborn session. I can't wait for our shoot this spring :)

Anyhow, I have only seen one sneak peek of my boy so far from the session but I'm totally in love!! He did SO well for the shoot - I just know I'm going to love all the photos! Here's the sneak peek she sent me yesterday :) I know I know, we sure make some adorable children!

Hudson is doing wonderful. He didn't sleep the greatest the first night home but has had better nights since. He usually starts out in our room and then once he wakes up I take him into his room and we sleep in there for the night - so daddy can sleep. He has done well with nursing and then going back to sleep pretty quickly so that's good. Jeremy asks me every morning how the night much sleep I got...but it's all a blur...I don't really keep track, I just nurse, burp him, change his diaper, swaddle and doze off for a bit...then repeat 2-3 times :)

The kids have adjusted well to their new baby brother. Ethan will come up and talk to him at times and rub his head. Gracelyn loves to hold him and always asks where the "new baby" is if she doesn't see him. Lincoln just looks at him and smiles, and isn't really sure what to think. Ha!

I had his first check up with the doctor and all is well. As I thought, the hospital was way off on his length. They told me 19 inches but he measured 21 3/4 at the doctors so almost 3 inches longer...which we know he didn't grow in 4 days! Ha! The hospital doesn't really take the time to measure them though where at the doctor's they do. So anyhow, I'm going with 21 1/2 inches. He wasn't back to birth weight just yet but they don't expect it until his 2 week appt which I know he will be by then...he nurses like a champ!

Well, I'm gonna finish watching a movie with my hubbs, but I'll leave you with a photo I took of him a few hours ago. 7 days old. He is so gorgeous, I just can't stop staring at him, and thanking God for my 4 healthy children. I'm so blessed!

Much love,
Momma Keri


Garndma Petke said...

He is adorable...I have to say he looks the Gracelyn/<Lincoln and YOU!!! He is sooo beautiful. Enjoy your LASTTTTTT BABYYYYY KERIII:)lol

~The Harrison Family~ said...

We will be the ones to decide if it's our last baby Grandma Petke...but thanks for the input ;)