Sep 7, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Lincoln Jude!

I know I say it as each birthday comes, but wow, our little Lincoln is one years old today! This past year has been such a beautiful one watching him grow and watching our family of four grow into a family of five. I've loved every minute of it.

Lincoln's arrival was such an emotional moment for me. All my babies arrivals were but after previously losing a baby, Lincoln's birth was just a little extra special for me. I just felt so overwhelmed with thankfulness, love and hope when they placed him on my belly. A new little life that would soon fill our hearts and family with so much more love. He surely has done just that. He has been such a joy and is such a happy and peaceful little guy.

He is totally getting into everything these days exploring, taking all my pots and pans out of the cupboards and turning around smiling at me with such accomplishment as I watch him. He is walking alongside the furniture and is taking steps now too. He'll be walking full force within a month I'm sure. So crazy how fast it all goes by! I try and treasure each day with my babies and am constantly thanking God for their health - as we don't know what each day may bring. I'm very blessed!

Here's a little collage of photos of our sweet boy from the past year. LOVE.

That last one was him at 9 months. I don't have the last couple months of photos organized so that will have to do for now :)

Tomorrow we celebrate with family and friends at our home for his 1st Birthday party. We can't wait! I ordered him a Lincoln Logs cake - seeing as that nickname has stuck with us since the nurse who helped deliver him called him that the minute she saw him :)

In other news, life is great! Gracelyn is flourishing in every way and oh so beautiful. I haven't taken many recent pics of her lately since her 3 year session, so forgive me....and trust me when I say she gets more beautiful as the days go on :)

Ethan is thriving and started preschool this past week. He absolutely loved his first day and I think it will be great for him. He's ready to meet new friends, and get out and do more than just sit home with mom and sister and brother....although he loves that too :) He's just going 2 days a week right now for a couple hours - but we may be switching him into a different preschool in the coming weeks that is 4 days a week and free :) Just waiting to hear back on that one. Here's a few photos from his 1st day.

Here are a few photos of ME - that I got from Molly, the girl I mentored under a few weeks back. She did a great job and it's so fun having some new cute pics of me :)

Here's my favorite of me and my most loved Nikon!

This is cute too :)

Loved mentoring with Molly!!

Here are a few photos from recent sessions I've done:

Phew. That was a lot of photos for one blog post :)

In other news, Jeremy and I enjoyed our birthday/anniversary weekend away together. While it wasn't totally relaxing since we had little Linc with us - it was still a nice break. Thanks so much to my sister for watching our other two and doing so many fun things with them while we were gone! They loved it!

Well, it's time to finish up lunch with the kids and get them down for their naps. We are getting new carpet installed today in our family room, living room and stairs so I am SUPER excited. The carpet the house came with was white - which has been horrible with having little ones. I got a much warmer tan color and am excited to get it installed today.

Have a great weekend!
Momma Keri

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