Jun 21, 2012

Life is beautiful.

Life is beautiful. Read on to see why :)

Let's see, we got a new van! Woot woot! The whole transaction of selling our old van and getting a new one was so perfect. A family who prayed about purchasing the right van and it being ours after they looked at many. They drove over an hour to come test drive it and purchase it. Pretty cool and confirmation to my soul that we were making the right decision in selling it, seeing as we were going back and forth about it. After many months of research and wanting something budget friendly, we ended up purchasing a 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT. It's white and quiet beautiful I must add :) We are enjoying it, especially the kiddos, seeing as it has 2 DVD players in it :) It's a blessing to have something a bit newer and under warranty seeing as I'm a momma with a van full of kids...no worries about it breaking down on us.

Here's a pic of my new wheels :)

The kids are all doing well. They are all growing up so much it seems and I am enjoying these precious moments with them while they are little. I love the snuggling, the kisses and hugs and the, "You're my best friend" comments that come from their sweet mouths. So cute and I hope they always see Jeremy and I as their good friends, and not just their parents. I think it's so important to develop a friendship with your children, and not only play the parent role, if that makes sense. A safe place they can come to with anything and know they will be accepted and loved and listened to. I'm excited to live life with them, they are so much fun and I just love our little family. Although maybe 3 and one on the way isn't considered little these days :)

Gracelyn's 3rd birthday party was quite a hit! We did a Dora theme and that girl got more Dora stuff then I knew existed! Ha. A special surprise (to both the kids and myself) was when Aunt Kristy showed up as none other but Dora herself :) I cracked up laughing, totally something my sister would do! The kids loved it and the kids friends really thought she was the real Dora :) Kristy, thank you so much for putting all the time and effort into the costume and playing Dora for the party, a memory I'm sure that will be cherished forever. Here's a few pics from the party. Can't believe my beautiful girl is already 3! It seems she was just brand new the other day. Look at my beauty!

And now...

It was a really fun day celebrating our girl. So blessed she is my daughter and I look forward to watching her grow up, as much as I want her to stay little sometimes :)

My photography and Scentsy business' are going very well. I've been staying busy with both and I'm enjoying it very much. I am actually shooting 3 weddings this summer (eeek!) and assisting with another. Weddings still make me a bit nervous, but I've decided to push myself and go for it! I figure if the couples have seen my work and want to use me, it's silly for me to think I'm not good enough. Every photographer starts somewhere and I know it will help build confidence and experience for me. I'm shooting a longtime friend's wedding in early July and then the other two weddings in September. I've been busy with family sessions and newborn sessions too, which is always fun. Here's a picture from my recent newborn session. Isn't she precious? She was already 3 weeks old by time I took her pics, but still little nonetheless :)

Pictures like that make me excited to meet this little one in my belly :)

Speaking of which, I go for my second appt. today with my midwife. I'm anxious to hear the heartbeat for the first time. I've already had an ultrasound around 8 weeks and saw the heartbeat, but hearing it is always a great sound. I'm interested to see if she will change my due date (since the ultrasound showed I was 8 days behind) or will keep my due date the same. Right now my due date is the 10th of December, but if she changes it according to the ultrasound it would be the 18th. I'm really hoping she keeps it the 10th, because my last two babes came 5 days late and that would put me at the 23rd of December if I went 5 days late, with a due date of the 18th. I know it's out of my hands, but I REALLY want to be home for Christmas. One, it's my favorite Holiday and two, as wonderful as it would be having a brand new baby, I want to be home with my kids and family on Christmas. So anyhow, I'm praying that I will be, and believe I will be. After all, God cares about the details of our lives (Psalm 37:23) so I'll be home with my bundle for Christmas :)

On another note, I think we've decided we are going to be surprised this time around and not find out the gender. It will make me go crazy, seeing as I'm a HUGE planner and look forward to ultrasound day so much, but, I also LOVE surprises and can't think of a better surprise! Hearing my hubby say, "It's a GIRL!" or "It's a BOY!" after my long dreaded labors sounds amazing, so, that's the plan :)

I'm also super excited because yesterday I booked Jeremy and I's very first weekend away together alone since having children. Aunt Kristy is babysitting the kids for us while we have a weekend of laying on the beach, eating out in peace, and a couple uninterrupted nights of sleep and relaxation. As much as I'm sure I'll miss my babies, it's good for my hubby and I to have some time away together, just the two of us. We're staying in Traverse City and going away for our anniversary/birthday's in August. I can't wait :)

Alright, I've saved the very best news for last. My little brother is getting MARRIED! I couldn't be more excited for him. I absolutely adore his fiance Kate (umm hello, it's meant to be, she was meant to be our sister! Kristy, Keri and Kate:)) and my heart is just overflowing with joy for them. My brother (and Kate) have both prayed and waited for God to bring the right one into their lives and the timing is perfect and so beautiful. Kate asked both Kristy and I to be in the wedding, so that will be fun. They are getting married this October, so nothing like being 7 months pregnant standing up in a wedding :) It will be fun, I cannot wait! I had the honor of being there to capture their special moment and take a few photos...here's a little video I put together for them, it pretty much makes me cry every time I watch it :)

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