Jun 22, 2011

My gorgeous children

I sure am enjoying taking photos of my babies. Memories to cherish for a lifetime! They are both so beautiful that I find myself staring at them often in awe - wow are they so adorable!

Here's a few photos I took yesterday of the kids. I was mainly shooting Gracelyn for her 2 year pics but had to get at least a few of my cute boy too.

I've been borrowing my brother in law's 50mm 1.4 lens and I'm in love with it! I'm saving up to buy one for myself with the money I make on the side with photography jobs. I can't wait to get one - it shoots such beautiful photos!

Speaking of which, here are a few photos from my last session I did a couple weeks ago of a little cutie named Trevor, 10 months. I got some beautiful photos - I was really happy with the them. Here are a few favorites!

I'm really enjoying doing this on the side for a little income. I love being able to capture precious moments of little ones and their families that they can cherish for a lifetime. I now have a facebook photography page so if you haven't 'liked' it already, I would love for you to come check it out!
Here's the link, you can copy and paste it if it doesn't let you click on it.


I'm doing my first Senior Picture session this weekend for one of my old daycare clients - her oldest daughter. I always get a little nervous when it's something new that I haven't done before but I enjoy trying new things - it's the best way to learn - practice! I'll be sure and post some photos from the session afterwards.

Aside from my recent hobby and love of photography, life is wonderful. My babies are doing well and they are healthy and we are blessed.

Most of you know that we had a recent trip to the ER with Ethan. He was suffering from allergies and had a really bad reaction one day that caused one of his eyes to completely swell shut and get extremely swollen. It was so scary. We got some allergy testing done and the results were that he is allergic to grass. He is now on some medication during the summer months that should help prevent the symptoms from happening again. He's been on the medication for a little over a week now and it's definitely helping - he hasn't had any more reactions and is able to be an active 3 year old boy and play outside and enjoy it. I'm so grateful.

Aside from that little adventure, the kids are doing great. I love being home with them everyday and wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world. Being their momma and raising these kids bring me so much joy - I'm so blessed to call them mine.

I'm 29 weeks along now with our little Lincoln and feeling good. He is constantly kicking and moving around and I love every kick and punch! Such a miracle. Time really seems to be going by fast and he'll be here before I know it. I've been washing baby clothes and filling his dresser and closet with his freshly cleaned clothes - it's getting me excited :) I see my midwife again tomorrow which I always look forward too. She is wonderful and I always look forward to hear his little heart beating away. I'm already at the point where I go every 2 weeks so it's really exciting. Here's my latest belly bump photo.

A friend texted me last week asking if I knew of anyone that needed a double breast pump because she was selling hers. After finding out how much she spent on it just a year and a half ago and how much she was asking for it I knew I wanted it! I only have a single breast pump and it's been one of my biggest regrets as far as baby purchases go. I get a lot of milk in the first few months and having a double breast pump will make things go much faster for me and allow me to sleep more too. I'm really excited about it. I ordered new tubing and shields and some other accessories today as they recommend buying new replacement parts for sanitary reasons when buying a used pump.

My other exciting find this past week was a glider. I've always wanted one and had my eye on one at Target that was $200. As much as I wanted one I was unsure of spending the money seeing as this is our last baby. You really only use it for the first year while nursing and then it doesn't get much use. I liked it though because it was much cheaper than most at Babies R Us' and it was black wood to match the nursery. I've been holding off though - just thinking about it.

Well, I went garage saleing this past week with a friend and I found a super nice glider - not black but a beautiful cherry color with beige cushioning for $30!! She had $40 on it which was an incredible price but I talked her down to $30. I couldn't believe it and left so excited! Between the glider and my double stroller that I got when Gracelyn was born off Craigslist for $20 - I've saved hundreds of dollars. A great feeling! The nursery is really coming together now and it's really exciting. I have a few things to hang on the wall but other than that it's ready for Mr. Lincoln. Yay!

Nothing else too new going on. We took the kids to Auburn Hills tonight to 'On the Border' - a Mexican restaurant Jeremy and I love because Barney was coming :) We've been telling Ethan about it for weeks and he's been so excited. It was so great. We were able to actually go out to eat with the kids without it being crazy. Barney kept them very entertained and we even got their picture taken with him. It was so precious to watch the look on Ethan's face when he first spotted him. You can just see his little mind turning - amazed at seeing Barney. It's funny how innocent they are and how they think he's real :) We couldn't help but smile when Gracelyn stood next to Barney to get her picture taken. She looked so little and sweet.

Each month they have a new character that comes to the restaurant so we are going to try and make it again. Next month is Elmo which the kids will love also - should be fun :)

Here are 2 more photos I took tonight of Gracelyn playing in the rain puddles - my beautiful girl - she is stunning!

Well, that's the latest with us. I hope you all are well and enjoying the life that God has blessed you with!

Much Love,

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