Feb 7, 2010

In Denial

I am in denial that my baby boy is going to be T-W-O a week from today ~ Valentine's Day! There really is nothing 'baby' about being two and I just can't believe we are already hitting that milestone.

We have a little party planned next Saturday for him with just family so it should be fun. I took Ethan to Kroger and let him pick out his Birthday Cake (either Wiggles or Barney seeing as those are two of his favorites) and we went with the Wiggles. Let me tell you it was no easy task finding a Wiggles cake! I called 5 places and Kroger finally said they can do Wiggles. We get there yesterday and the lady tells me they are out of the Wiggles kits to make the cake and I was so bummed!! I kept insisting I had to have a Wiggles cake and how excited I was that they were the only ones who carried them. Well, she called another Kroger and found a Wiggles kit for me so they can make the cake:) I was one happy momma.

Ethan just loves balloons. I took him with me to Kroger to have some alone time with him and they had balloons all over the store. Don't they know this doesn't make it easy for moms who are shopping with little ones? Ha. It was funny as I stopped at the card section and picked out a card for some friends. Ethan kept saying something to me over and over in the shopping cart but I was trying to read these cards so I was just letting him talk. Finally I turn to him and I'm like, "What buddy?" He points up and I look up and I happened to stop directly under ALL the balloons that were already blown up. Ha. Needless to say, we had a 1 minute fit as we left without a balloon - haha. I told him I will get him a bunch from the dollar store for his birthday rather then spend $6 on 1 of them at Kroger.

He is such a sweet boy. We were walking down the cookie/cracker aisle and he just kept pointing saying "CaCa...Caca" (cracker) I'm pretty sure he would live in that aisle and be quite content - crackers are his favorite. He is so sweet though because he's always so good at the store with me. He just points to things and talks to me a little when he sees things and is so quiet and sweet. Ok, except for the balloon thing but that didn't even last long. I just love having a little boy. I love everything about him from his name to his personality. He couldn't be a sweeter boy.

Our sweet girl is growing up too fast. She's not even 8 months yet and the girl tries to walk all the time - it cracks us up. I will be shocked if she doesn't walk early like Ethan, she is such a go getter. Anytime Ethan has a bowl of cheerios or really anything that seems interesting to her she crawls over to him so fast and tries ripping it out of his hands - haha. She's not gonna get pushed around by him as she gets older to say the least :)

She also loves to shake her little body and clap her hands when music comes on. It's so cute. Both of our kids seem to love music - not sure she will love it as much as Ethan does but she definitely is full of smiles when we put music on.

Gracelyn has had a cold since Tuesday but she's getting over it and is still in good spirits and sleeping just fine. Ethan we thought maybe had one also but his nose has been only clear....with some red cheeks on Friday and a slight fever. Can you say Molar?? Poor boy woke up at midnight on Friday night just miserable. We knew it was his molar. We cuddled him for a little while, put on his show, gave him some tylenol and he was calmed down and fine after 15 minutes and went back to sleep. He was a little quieter yesterday but happy and today he's been fine. Hopefully one of these days we will see this mysterious molar!

Here's a picture of Ethan from the other day. He had peanut butter on crackers the other day for lunch and this was the aftermath.

And here's one of our adorable girl with a hoodie on:)

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The West's said...

Your kids are just adorable Keri! Ethan sounds like such a good boy. I remember last year when he was turning 1, I can't believe another year has gone by already!