Jan 7, 2010


Look what I can do!!!!

Gracelyn hit two milestones on January 4th! She started to crawl and she can also sit herself up from a laying position! She is still mainly scooting to get around but she definitely knows how to crawl now - she just doesn't have it mastered yet and she likes to get around fast :)

The kids are doing great! Ethan is still getting over Rotovirus but he's pretty much better, thank you Jesus! I'm also so grateful that Gracelyn never got it - I prayed she wouldn't.

Ethan is growing up so much and trying to communicate with us all the time. I think he gets frustrated when we don't understand him but we are constantly figuring out new things he's trying to say to us, it's such a fun time! Ethan gets frustrated so quickly when he can't do something or doesn't get his way. It almost always results in a screaming fit but this is expected at this age - all my daycare kids did it also. They are at the age where they are learning to express themselves and fits are one way to do that - ha! He's so much fun and such a goofy boy - we love him so much.

We moved Gracelyn's crib into her room over the weekend and it's working out much better for nap time and bed time. She's been getting a little better at night. Last night she still woke up 3 times but she has gone a couple 6-8 stretches at night in the past week so she's improving - oh how mom and dad love sleep :)

She is starting to show her personality also. We aren't quite sure what it is just yet but I think she will be a go getter. When she sees something she wants she is very persistent and aggressive in going after it! She is so sweet, always has a smile for mom and likes to watch Ethan and they constantly get each other giggling - it's the cutest thing! She is such a talker too....has been since the day we brought her home. She was always making noises and sounds in her sleep when she was brand new and she constantly talks now - I think she is taking after her momma :) Oh how I love having a little girl! It is so fun to have one of each - I just love being a mom! I'm so thankful that they are healthy and I thank God for them constantly.

We are settled into our new home and I love it. It is already starting to feel like home to me and I just love this house. We are really enjoying being in a home again and thank God for all He's done in our lives over the past couple years and how GOOD He has been to us.

Hope you enjoyed the short video of our go getter ;) Have a blessed day!
Momma Keri

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Anonymous said...

Adorable!!! We love you so much. Grandma Jude