Jan 25, 2010


Our sweet girl is changing so fast. She just started crawling within the past couple weeks and this past Thursday she is starting to pull herself up on things. I am pretty sure she is trying to keep up with her brother - she is constantly watching him. Last night when she got up in the night to nurse I walked in her room and there she was standing up in her crib, holding on to the rails just waiting for me. So funny. It immediately made me smile as that was the first time I've seen her standing up in her crib like that. As I sat there nursing her I then felt a little sad...haha...just can't believe she's already this old. I know, 7 months is old? Ha. It is when you're a young mom :) You treasure all these moments with your little ones. Here's a picture I took of her and I today :) Do you notice anything different?? Well, I woke up Saturday morning with the strong urge to chop my hair....so, I did. I cut about 5 inches off but no one seems to notice - haha.

Our sweet boy Ethan is doing good. Yesterday he was having a rough day as I think maybe a molar is trying to come through. He just wasn't himself and was crying a lot on and off. Once I gave him some Orajel and Tylenol though he was much better and today he woke up just fine. Poor baby - always hard to see your babies not feeling well - glad he is feeling better today. Teething is no fun.

I know I say it all the time, but I just love being a mom! I was staring at Ethan today and couldn't believe that this cute boy is mine and that I am a mom. I mean, I have watched other people's kids for so long so it's just crazy to me at times that I am finally a mom and have my own kids. I love everything about being a mom...minus the sleepless nights and days where my babies are sick. It's such a gift from God and I couldn't be more blessed with two adorable kids.

Tonight is Women's Ministry at church which I am really looking forward to. It's just once a month on Monday nights so me and my little woman will be going and Daddy and E will stay home and have some guy time :) I just love our church and thank God for all the beautiful friendships we have built there and just a church that feels like home. A place where anyone is welcome and you don't feel judged if you walk in with holes in your jeans!

Thank you Jesus for giving me such an amazing life. I am blessed.

Momma Keri

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Davis Fam said...

It sounds like things are going so well for you! We need to lower Brigham's crib in anticipation of him pulling himself up. I hadn't really thought of him doing that any time soon, but I guess it's a possibility! I'm so glad things are going well for you. You are so blessed! We all are. :)