Sep 24, 2009

A year ago today....

Jeremy and I found out that we were expecting baby #2! I remember taking the pregnancy test and I couldn't believe it happened so quickly for us. I tried telling Jer the news that night in a creative way but he didn't get it, lol. I remember saying, "I'm pregnant!" and he said to me, "No you're not. How could that be?" Haha! I think we were both surprised it happened so quickly for us since it took 6 months of trying with Ethan. It was such a wonderful day, I feel so blessed that we had a little girl as I always wanted a little girl to do fun girl things with. Neither my mom or my sister have liked shopping so I never really had someone to shop with which I've always loved. Hopefully Gracelyn will be a little girly but we'll just have to wait and see :)

Speaking of our sweet girl, she hit a milestone yesterday! She rolled from her back to her stomach. She did it a couple times yesterday. I looked in Ethan's baby book and he rolled from his stomach to his back at 14 weeks but he didn't roll from his back to stomach until 5 months old. She is doing great and I am falling in love with her so much. It is cute to see the little things that she does differently than Ethan did. She always wants to hold my hands when she is nursing/falling asleep. She has a good grip! She also uses her hands to cover her face a lot when she sleeps, it's like she is covering them from the light, it's so cute! She has been healthy so far since she's entered our lives so that is a real blessing. I just love being a mom and having a boy and a girl is so wonderful, I love them so much!

Our little toddler is definitely growing up. We see it more and more as the weeks go on. Yesterday was his first day in music class. It went well but he had a couple fits and crying spells during class. The teacher would bring out instruments for the kids to try and play with and then 5 minutes later it would be time to put them away and do something different. Ethan didn't do so well with having to put them away, lol. He kept going over to the tubs and picking up the entire tub and trying to carry it to me, it was so funny. They had a cd player going almost the whole time so he loved that and was dancing during a lot of it. There were quieter times when the kids had to sit on their mom's laps....yeah right!! He's an active 19 month old, that didn't work so well for us, ha! The class is for 1-2 year olds though so all these things are normal and expected. Ethan was not the only kid who had temporary meltdowns, at least 6 others did too. For the most part, all the kids had so much fun and enjoyed it. Ethan was definitely not shy in the least...he jumped right into the activities...he knew mom and sissy were close by :)

I saw this one lady who I recognized but could not figure out where from. I went up to her and she said she recognized me too....we finally figured out we knew each other from the birthing classes we took at Genesys hospital when we were pregnant with Ethan and funny because she had her second baby in June also just like us. She left her little guy at home with Grandma though.

Here's a little funny tidbit about Ethan. I have smacked his butt a few times when he doesn't listen, etc. and the last couple days when he does something he knows he isn't supposed to do he starts "spanking" his own butt! It is hilarious and I always have to turn my head so I don't laugh. He's a character. I grew up being spanked and I have nothing against it but I don't feel it is the right form of discipline for my kids as of right now. (Obviously Gracelyn is too little right now anyways) I think there are other ways to teach them right from wrong. It may be right for some kids and I still smack his butt at times but for the most part I am pretty sure spanking is not going to be our main way of disciplining.

The last few nights we've been putting Ethan down at 9 for bedtime instead of 9:30. It's been going well, we would like to get him to bed by 8:30 eventually, but we're trying to make the adjustment slowly. It's so nice that he doesn't fight us (normally) for naps or bed time anymore, it used to be such a struggle!

No weight loss for me this week, boo hoo! I stayed the same so at least I didn't gain right? I think the last 9.5lbs I have to lose will take exercising and working out so I'll have to find the time to do that, really want to get down to my pre-baby weight.

Well, that is the latest with the Harrison crib...we are all well and healthy, praise God!


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