Sep 5, 2009


Ugh. Jeremy has had a nasty cold for the last few days so he hasn't been sleeping great or feeling great. On a happy note, today starts the season for Michigan Football so I know he's looking forward to that. Ethan caught daddy's cold so he was up at 5am this morning all stuffy and sneezing. Mommy is tired to say the least.

Other than that, we are doing good. Gracelyn is getting chubby and growing up fast. I can't believe she will already be here 3 months next week. Time seems to go by so fast these days. I've been organizing the kids clothes and putting most of the summer stuff away and getting ready for jeans and sweatshirts:) I went to a garage sale in Clarkston the other day and found a bunch of stuff for when Gracelyn is 12 months so that was fun. I don't get to go to them often.

My sister is coming over today and we plan on scrap booking. Couponing has taken over a bit these past few weeks and I am starting to feel like I'm falling behind with the kids scrapbooks so I need to get going on them. Normally I scrap a lot during Michigan Football season as I am not a Football junkie like my hubby and in-laws but I'm not sure how easy that will be this year with 2 kids. One of my girlfriend's got me 2 new cartridges for my Cricut machine for my birthday, I am SO excited. It was unexpected and the 2 cartridges I really wanted. Can't wait to use them today and hopefully get a couple pages done in Gracelyn's scrapbook.

Here are a couple pictures of our sweet kids. Ethan loves to climb up on Gracelyn's crib and look at her when we she wakes up in the mornings. He wanted in so we put him in the crib with her and took a couple pictures. I'm pretty sure Ethan loves his baby sister from the pictures below.

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Anonymous said...

Cant get more precious then these pictures!!!! adorable!
Ethan is going to be a wonderful big brother...I can see the tenderness and gentleness in him..just in these pictures.

I love my grandbabies!!!
Grandma Petke