Jan 21, 2009

Just Another Day....

I'm sorry for my boring post title but there is nothing specific I am writing about today...just in the mood to write:)

Our little man Ethan is doing great. He's finally over his forever long cough/cold/croup thing and we are staying in the house a lot to make sure he doesn't get sick again. I went to church by myself Sunday morning and Jer stayed home with the baby and I think we may start doing that for awhile. There are so many kids coming in and out and as blessed as I am by the nursery at church there just is no possible way to keep the germs away. I know how it is, I had a daycare and as much as I sprayed lysol, sanitized, etc. there is just no way to completely keep one sick kid from getting all the other ones sick. It seems every time he is in the nursery he's sick a few days later so I think we'll keep him out of the nursery for awhile....at least until spring time when kids don't get sick as often. A few months after E was born I stopped going to Bible Study on Friday nights since Ethan was starting to get active, loud and it just wasn't working well with his schedule. I expected this, it's part of the change that comes with starting a family. Anyways, Jer still goes every Friday night so I told him well I'll go to church on Sunday's without E since you get fellowship and the Word in on Friday nights...so yeah....that's what we started this past week and I enjoyed church a lot.

Our sweet baby girl is doing just fine. She kicks and moves everyday so that is fun and exciting. My sweet in-laws once again offered to buy the baby a crib (a convertible one at that, they are the best!!) so I found the one I like and it was ordered this week. I found one almost $200 cheaper than Ethan's too so that made us feel good. I got a white crib this time as I really wanted white for Ethan but ended up getting a stained color. So, white will be really cute for a girl and I am excited to set it up and get pink bedding for it:)

I feel so blessed that God is giving me a girl. Of course if it was another boy I would love him and be excited also but God knew how much I really wanted a little girl and I feel he gave me the desire of my heart with her. I'm so happy to have one of each and that baby girl Harrison will have a big brother to look out for her and keep all the boys away :) People ask us if we are going to stop at two since we have one of each and the answer is we really aren't sure. Jeremy would be happy with just two but I think I might want more and he is totally open to that which is great. I say we'll take it one baby at a time and go from there. Some days I want just two and other days I want four. There's a part of me that feels so blessed to be able to get pregnant so easily and have healthy babies that I think why would I stop at two? Don't worry, I'm not going to turn into Mrs. Duggar and have 18 babies:) So, we'll see what the future holds but for now we will have two precious babies....one boy and one girl and we are so blessed!

Change of topic....Ethan is totally sleeping through the night now and that is another huge prayer answered. It really was starting to wear on me and getting up multiple nights in the night with him and not sleeping with Jer all night long was just getting old. I was really praying about it and I feel God answered so quickly. He still cries when we lay him down but now it's usually only 1-5 minutes and he is out for the night. The last two mornings he slept 11 hours! He's been waking up around 8:30-9 instead of 7 like he normally was so this is awesome! We'll see if it sticks.

Well, it's noon and I have yet to shower. Ethan is napping so I think I'm going to go take my long hot shower that I enjoy so much. We are going over Grandpa and Grandma Harrisons tonight to hang out and eat chinese....mmmm!

Oh yeah and one more thing...even though our new President may not have gotten my vote I like him a lot. Of course the abortion issue is huge to me and I completely disagree with him on that but I think he has a lot of great qualities as a leader and I guess I just feel as Christians it is our job to pray for him and not talk bad about him....it's only God that can change his heart on abortion and why don't we start praying for that instead of saying he's evil? Just a thought.

Love to all.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your updates, Keri, and I just browsing thru this beautiful website you created!!! All the best to the three of you,....and the little baby girl inside of you!

~The Harrison Family~ said...

Thanks so much Kat! I enjoy writing, it's fun. Hope you are doing well and feeling better.

cultural architect said...

I like the guy too, our new president, he is a likable guy. So was Hitler. LOL. Just kidding. I genuinely believe that he wants the best for our nation...plus he's a mix guy like myself. ;)