Jul 3, 2008

Our Cadillac is gone!

As some of you know, we got this 98' Cadillac in January that I found on Craigslist for a great price. It had 74k miles on it and we bought it for $2,500. It was a real answer to prayer for us as I prayed that we would have a 2nd car before Ethan was born. It was HUGE for us because we felt we weren't supposed to ask to borrow money from anyone and we felt we were supposed to pay for it in cash. Financially at the time that was a miracle in itself. Regardless to say, we were able to buy it in cash and we got the car 3 weeks before Ethan was born. Thank you Jesus!

Well, the car was starting to have trouble and after a lot of advice from Cadillac experts and a friend that has a shop, we decided we had to sell it. It was overheating a lot and everyone that knew anything about cars said it could be an expensive fix...we didn't have the money to put into it so I listed it on Craigslist. We sold it last week for $3,000. We put a couple hundred into it but we ended up making $200 or so and drove it for free for 4 months. One thing I learned is that sometimes God answers prayer but not always in the way we think. I thought he answered our prayer for a 2nd car and that we would have it for a very long time. Obviously we didn't. I realize though that just because we had to sell it doesn't mean that God didn't answer. He did answer. I prayed we would have a 2nd car before the baby came and we did. We needed a 2nd car a lot during the time we had it because E had a lot of doctor appointments so that truly was a blessing...even if it was only for 4 months.

So, we are back down to one car....which is fine and we are content...but it does have 186k miles on it (and makes loud noises when you drive it) so we know that we will need another car in the near future. A couple friends of ours at different times told us they felt we were supposed to pray and ask God to get us a car (yes, for free!)....so, that is what we are doing...which works because we don't have the money for one anyways, lol! I know God is big enough and will provide for all our needs. Amen?

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